Gomineko Tattoo Books was established in Tokyo, Japan in 2000. We stock a huge assortment of Japanese tattoo art and design books as well as our own publications. Included are books from the tebori masters; outline, design and flash books; as well as ukiyo-e woodblock print anthologies - by the Japanese Masters like Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Tsukioka Yoshitoshi; and painters like Ito Jakuchu and Kawanabe Kyosai -  from which comes much of the "traditional" imagery found in Japanese tattoos.

We are also proud to announce the launching of our latest project Gomineko Tours. We are creating tours of Japan specifically for tattoo enthusiasts. We’re organizing tebori seminars, tattoo shop visits and journeys to culturally relevant sights and are looking forward to showing off this aesthetically amazing country and fantastic tattoo community.

I myself am an avid bibliophile and this passion is the basis for Gomineko Books. I started collecting tattoos when I was 13 - never one to really toe the line. Japanese Tattooing evolved from a class of people also not willing to toe the line, in a culture where uniformity is applauded and encouraged.
The underground tattoo scene is incredibly fascinating to me. I've enjoyed watching it's slow emergence to the surface of modern day Japanese culture.As the store has grown, I have become acquainted with many amazing tattoo artists around the globe. Their questions and requests helped guide my research and book acquisitions.

I love a challenge and am happy to help you search for any rare or out of print publication - if it is from Japan I can probably find it. Whether you tattoo or want to get tattooed you'll find inspiration here. Seriously, this website will be your new crack, and like a good pusher I promise to keep it well stocked with fun Japanese eyecandy!

Thanks for visiting the site.

Crystal Morey

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