Noh Mask Photo Book - OOP

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Size: 6” x 8.5” - Pages: 187 - Published: 2002/07 - Price: $85 - Binding: Softcover USED

This is an amazing book. It is a collection of brilliant, full color photos of Noh masks and costumes. Really, really cool. The name of the characters are written in English but the remaining text is in Japanese. Text is minimal as this is predominately a photo essay book. The mask close-ups provide a glimpse at the amazing skill and craftsmanship that go into these masks, the details are incredible. This is one of the most comprehensive Noh books I've come across and it is now out of print, therefore subject to availability. These books are used but in good condition.

Noh no Hana OOP

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Size: 8.5” x 12” - Pages: 175 - Published: 1988 - Price: $120 - Binding: Softcover  USED

This is an awesome book, 175 full color pages of Noh imagery. The book itself is rare and out of print, used but in good condition.  It includes 45 pages of mask close ups, 72 pages of costume photography - lots of kimono and fan photos - also excellent reference images as they have vivid designs and patterns on them. It ends with a section in the back featuring small monochrome photos of the backs of the masks in the first section. Reads right to left, Japanese style, text in Japanese. This book is out of print and subject to availability. $120


Little Noh Reference Book

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Size: 4” x 6” - Pages: 255 - Published: 2009 - Price: $28 - Binding: Softcover

This is a great little collection of Noh imagery for tattoo reference. This book is small and the images should be approached more as thumbnails than fully rendered illustrations. It includes numerous depictions of kimono and costumes, noh maskes, hair - wigs & decorative adornments, hats, fans, Katana swords, shoes, bow and arrows, sets props - vases, bells, bamboo awnings. It is a cool little reference book and a good one for tattoo artists' collections.


Noh Tales - with text in English!!

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Size: 13cm x 21cm - Pages: 286 - Published: 2010 - Price: $52 - Binding: Softcover 

This book is awesome!! It is from PIE, one of my all time favorite publishing houses, and like all their books the presentation is beautiful and the photography amazing. This book delves into Japanese Noh theater with essays, translated into English, on the significance of Noh Masks, the distinctive qualities of Noh actors, a brief history of Noh and most importantly, plot outlines of 30 of the most popular Noh dramas. It recounts stories, in English, that feature Hannya, that elusive yet popular Japanese tattoo icon that is so often misunderstood, as well as other popular characters like Nue and Demons. I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with this book. It's a brilliant, easy to follow resource and a must have for anyone seeking a fuller understanding of Japanese history and symbolism.



Noh Guide

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Size: 15cm x 21cm - Pages: 194 - Published: 2009 - Price: $30 - Binding: Softcover 

This is a great book on Noh for anyone wanting Costume and mask reference. Lots of photos, quick snaps of assorted characters in a variety on poses. Great for body positions and kimono details. Includes a variety of mask shots as well. All in all a great little Noh survey book.




Noh Photo Book - OOP

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Size: 6” x 9” - Pages: 386 - Published: 2004 - Price: $160 - Binding: Softcover

This is an amazing book, 386 pages of images of amazing Noh imagery. This is the best Noh book I have found and I don't quite understand why it is out of print but is it. It includes brilliant and numerous full page, full color photographs as well as text in both English and Japanese. The PIE group really did a good job with this one. This is a brilliant reference book for any artist interested in traditional Noh imagery.



Kabuki Official Data Book

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Size: 4.5 ” x 6 ” - Pages: 331 - Published: 2011 - Price: $40 - Softcover

This is a great little book for fgure studies. Tons of men and 'women' in an assortment of costumes striking various poses. This book is great for facial expressions, make up and accessory ideas. It shows different kimono and how they are worn and move with the body (not to mention the book is in full color so you have patternwork reference as well). Text is in Japanese but appx. 40% of this book is full color photos so it's definitely a great little resource for anyone working on Japanese figures.


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