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Shop Specials

These products and book set I added with shops in mind. The books sets are standard "must have's" for any shop doing Japanese style tattooing and the product are things I've found that I think would look good in a shop. They are often one off products so please accept my apologies if the item you want is no longer available and please bookmark this page and check back with us as I will be changing out these products frequently. Thanks, Gomineko


Gomineko Press Set $320

Horimasa/ Japanese Ghost Stories/JBxH3/

Cody Meyer's Escaping The Gallows/Japanese Mythical Creatures



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Horiyoshi III Set $900

100 Demons/108 Heores/36 Ghosts/58 Musha

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Ukiyo-e Master's 100 Ghosts Set $250



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Japanese Noren

Traditional Japanese room dividers. These are standard size, 2 panels sewn together at the top with a seam across the top for a curtain rod. They are 85cm x 150cm. $58 each...












Japanese Brush Pens


Starter Set

1 regular brush pen, 1 fat tipped brush pen, 1 med tipped brush pen, 1 fine tipped brush pen with black sumi ink (refillable) and 1 with orange ink perfect for initial sketches. Comes with 3 black ink refills and 1 orange.

5 pens & 4 refills $60


Ink Refills

1 orange & 3 blacks $25





HUGE Vintage Manekineko (Lucky Cat)

  • 17" x 12" x 11" (43cm x 31cm x 28cm) This sucker's niiiiice and big!
  • vintage but is great condition - his whiskers are all helter skelter and there is a small hairline crack on his back and his backsides a little worn but all in all he's in good shape. I took pics of all his little imperfections.
  • $120 plus shipping (and it will take $70 to ship him from here EMS with tracking and insurance - since I can't replace him) These guys go for over $600 new and this one have amazing charisma which means he'll bring you a lifetime of happy happy!



Cute Little Wandering Tanuki

  • 28cm x 18cm x16cm
  • vintage - I believe from the Taisho Era
  • $65 plus shipping ( EMS with tracking and insurance - since I can't replace him)

Tanuki can be found all over Japan, beckoning customers into inns and pubs - they are notorious mischief makers and shape- shifters who enjoy a good laugh, generally at the expense of unsuspecting woodsmen and hunters. Tanuki are usually depicted with big round bellies, empty sake flasks and promissory notes they never intend to pay, straw hats that indicate that they are up for anything, rain or shine, and of course their eyecatchingly enormous testicles, that some say are to remind people to cut loose, and not be stingy, and others maintain they are merely a symbol of good fortune. Tanuki remind people to enjoy their lives, to let go and live a little. Definitely one of my favorite Japanese icons....







Coin Collecting Tanuki

He's sweeping up good fortune for you!

  • 34cm x 26cm x 23.5 so nice sized!
  • vintange and in excellent condition.
  • $80 plus shipping ( EMS with tracking and insurance - since I can't replace him)

sold out











































































































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